Product Details

Safety Features:

Our main focus is to make classroom privacy partitions that are as safe as possible for students to handle and to use. Screens have eye-friendly, large-radius corners and melt-cut borders to eliminate sharp edges. The stand and the blocks have rounded edges. Their material (MDF) doesn't splinter. The light weight of individual screens and blocks means that there is little or no danger of injury if they are accidently dropped on a foot or swung into a classmate. The stand is equipped with four large polyurethane non-skid feet to reduce the risk of being inadvertently pulled off a table or bench. Check out these safety features:

Eye-friendly corners.

Screens have large-radius, eye-friendly corners.

Close-up of rounded edges of case.

Stands and blocks are made of non-splintering mdf (wood) and have rounded edges.

Close-up of beaded edge around screens.

A non-sharp, beaded edge around screens is the result of our exclusive melt-cut technology.

Close up of one non-skid foot.

Stand has 4 large, non-skid feet (counter-sunk, glued & fixed with a screw).

 Other Features:

Since the first sets manufactured in 2001, the Solo Exam Divider Set has gone through a number of changes to make them safer to handle and more easily set up:

How to connect screen with block.

Screens connect easily with our new "funnel-groove" blocks.

Close-up of funnel-grooves in block.

The funnel-shaped opening in the groove of the block guides the screen into place.

Sturdy stand.

The sturdy stand is fully assembled with high-strength glue and screws.

Student with red divider.

Screens are tall enough and deep enough even for adult students. Screens are 23.5 inches wide and 18.75 inches tall.