Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can you send a sample screen and block for us to evaluate before we buy?

    A: In order to keep our prices as low as possible, we do not send out free sample screens and blocks. Sending a sample costs us between $45 (local) and $65 (U.S. east coast) each. The shape of the sample screen results in shipping costs that are a full one-third to one-half the costs of shipping a full set.
    However, we have a better solution for customers who are not sure whether our privacy screens will meet their needs. With our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, you can buy a set and keep your packaging material when your order arrives. You have 60 days to evaluate it. If you decide that the product does not meet your needs, you simply send it back --at our expense in the U.S. and Canada -- for a full refund. We think this is a much better method because it allows you to evaluate the entire set risk free. Free return shipping is limited to one set.

  • What is the best way to place my order?

    A: Go to the "Orders" page and select your sets then place your order by email, phone, fax or regular post.

  • How do I arrange payment?

    A: We welcome payment by VISA or MasterCard. Please call (toll-free) with your credit card number.
    We also welcome purchase orders from schools, colleges, universities and established businesses in the U.S. and Canada. Please contact us if you would prefer to pay by another method.

  • How soon can you ship my order?

    A:At the busiest times, our volume of orders can outstrip our production capacity. Most of our orders get shipped within a week or two. Large orders may require a week or two longer. When you call or email, we'll let you know the approximate amount of delay in shipping.

    Special order colors (see "Orders" page) may require a few extra days to acquire and ship.

  • How can the screens be cleaned?

    A: Spray-on window cleaner or washing with warm soapy water will easily remove dirt and grime from handling. Indelible ink is easily removed with a solvent such as paint thinner or with a citrus-based cleaner.

  • How durable are they?

    A: Solo Exam Dividers have been in use since 2001. The earliest sets are still in daily use.
    Unlike corrugated paper dividers, the plastic screens are very tough and almost impossible to rip or tear. The blocks are also nearly unbreakable. The stand is held together with screws and high-strength glue. In normal use, it should never loosen or come apart.

  • Why does a set consist of 30 dividers and blocks? What if I have more than 30 students?

    A: A set of 30 will serve a class of 34 or more -- depending on seating arrangements. Remember that only the spaces between students need to be screened.

  • But are the plastic screens "green"? Shouldn't we be avoiding petro-chemicals for the sake of the environment?

    A: The amount of plastic in one set can be made from less than the amount of petroleum that an average North American driver uses in one day.

    Consider that it is a petroleum product that is not burned and is not thrown out after one use but rather is capable of being used thousands of times and of providing a useful service for many years. The plastic can finally be recycled in plastic category five:

  • What guarantees do you offer?

    A: We offer a 60-day customer satisfaction guarantee. Retain your packaging for this period so that if you are not completely satisfied with your Solo Exam Dividers, they may be returned at our expense (free return shipping within the U.S. and Canada only) for a cheerful 100% refund. Free return shipping is limited to one set. Pleae call first for return authorization. This guarantee does not apply to orders returned for reasons other than unsuitability.

  • Aren't they a bit expensive?

    A: The set is very compact --which tends to hide its value. There are 60 separate parts plus stand, over 85 square feet of screens and over 800 cut edges in each set. The stand is pre-assembled with screws and glue and the set is ready to use. Please view the "Contents of Set" photos in the home page for a good view of the amount of material in a set.

  • Why are they so inexpensive?

    A: Since we are the manufacturer there is no wholesale or retail mark-up.