Photo: Students without privacy screens
Photo: Students have privacy for test.

Solo Exam Dividers (classroom privacy screens) are shields that are set up between students to ensure privacy during examinations or during other work meant to be a solo effort. In classrooms equipped with tables or lab benches, it is often difficult to allow students to write tests, exams and quizzes out of the gaze of their neighbors. These privacy partitions provide students a space where they can concentrate on their test and not worry about classmates viewing their work. They are quickly and easily set up on a table-top or lab bench. When no longer needed, they are stored in their own convenient stand. Solo Exam Dividers are an effective way to provide temporary screens between students at test time.

Students visible from the front

Students are screened from their neighbours but not from the supervisor at the front of the room.

Class full of privacy partitions

Screens are large, durable, washable and cheerfully-colored. For durability, they are made from corrugated polypropylene while blocks and stands are made from wood (MDF).

Contents of a Set:

30 screens of red, yellow and blue

     30 screeens...

Stand and 30 Blocks

  plus 30 blocks and a sturdy stand.

Standard Set

The Solo "Primary Colors" Set : Our most popular set: 10 screens each of red, light blue and yellow for US$319.95.

Solo Silver Cloud Set

The Gray Set: 30 screens in gray for a more conservative, business-like appearance. Our second most-popular set. Also US$319.95.                   

Please see our "Orders" page for other colors. Choose any combination of colors at the same price.